Easy Health Tips


Small, gradual changes win!   Try to add just one healthy change to your diet or lifestyle each week.  Small, well planned, easily integrated changes will quickly add up and become permanent, and you will be amazed the great health benefits you’ll be experiencing!  One change per week = 52 changes per year!  Now that’s real positive progress!!

Energizing morning stretch: Before you arise out of bed each morning take time to stretch and give your muscles a healthy start to the day.  Be consciously aware of all the wonderful energy moving through your body!

clear drinking water being poured into a glass

Water: Drink a couple of glasses of room temperature water upon rising every morning.  Add some freshly squeezed lemon for a healthy zing and to alkalize the water slightly.  This will help the digestive system have an easy start to your day.

Add more healthy movement to your day: There are many easy but effective tips for increasing your body’s movement on a daily basis, with good overall health.  Here are just a few examples: get off the bus one or two stops early & walk the rest of the way to the office (or home); at the shopping mall park further away from the mall entrance and enjoy a little extra walk; at the office – when going between floors take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Benefits of increased exercise includes reduced stress, improved circulation, improved muscle tone, increased bone density, increased overall energy, increased positive mental energy and feeling of well-being, help maintain healthy body weight, and it could even help regulate appetite and your body’s blood sugar level.

Easy healthy snacks:  Choose a piece of fruit, such as an apple, and a handful of  walnuts for your morning snack instead of a muffin or donut.  You’ll be adding vitamins, minerals, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids to boost your daily nutrition.  Other great choices include pears (high in fiber), raw veggies (good fiber, vitamins and minerals), other healthy nuts or low fat cheese (healthy sources of protein).

Easy one minute meditation tip: With your eyes open, take a moment to take a few deep breaths. Think positive thoughts and give thanks for all the wonderful and people, good health and fun activities in your life.  Focus on the positive and let the stress go! IMPORTANT  NOTE: Meditation of any sort IS NOT recommended while operating machinery or driving a car.

Smile, smile, smile! Two great benefits: tones the facial muscles and makes you one of the most pleasant people to be around!


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