How to Avoid the Dreaded ‘After Christmas Hangover’!

Many people thoroughly enjoy the Christmas season – the parties, the social connections, the festive drinks and the food – only to end up with an ‘after Christmas hangover’ in January. This ‘hangover’ can include feeling bloated and overweight, having headaches or even brain fog, digestive issues, low energy and sluggishness, feeling run down, and experiencing sugar and carb cravings. I can attest to this, as I have been there more times than I dare to count!

How to Avoid the Dreaded After Christmas Hangover

But the good news is that a person can totally enjoy the Christmas season, maintain awesome health and completely avoid the January ‘after Christmas hangover’! We can socialize, enjoy friends and parties and enjoy the Christmas season in a healthy way. Here’s how to do that … straight forward, without the sugar coating (because sugar is really bad for your health and only adds to the ‘hangover’!).

Three things to get clear about:

You will need to get clear on these three things in order to get through the Christmas season (or any other season for that matter) and maintain your awesome health:

  1. Your #1 priority. Your health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will need to be your #1 priority!
  1. A plan. You will need to have a plan that includes some good ideas for navigating the plethora of seasonal food and drink.
  1. Decision making / good choices. You will need willingness and the ability to make some tough decisions / choices (especially when it comes to food and drink) in order to stick to your plan and your priority of good health.

Who chooses what you eat and drink?

When it comes to your health, and the food and beverages you consume – you are in charge! Yes – you are the Boss! You are the only one who can set your health as the #1 priority and choose healthy options that will be key to maintaining your awesome health throughout the Christmas season.

Here is a 6 Step Plan:

  1. Eat 3 balanced meals and 3 balanced snacks per day. Balanced means that you are consuming some good carbs from fruit and veggies (NOT from refined junk foods!), some healthy fats, some healthy protein, and plenty of water at every snack and every meal. This will keep your blood sugar at a healthy level, and give your body the energy and nutrition it needs. Having 3 balanced meals and 3 balanced snacks will also keep you from feeling ‘starving’ when you get to the after work cocktail party.
  1. Eat whole foods that are alive – whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables are particularly good. Why? These foods are mostly alkaline (healthy for us), impart live energy/ life force to us, and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber that our body needs.
  1. Eliminate (or at least drastically reduce) highly processed foods, refined junk foods, soft drinks and refined sugars and sweets. This includes candy, almost all baked goods, all white breads, all white pastas, and 95% of those (frozen) pre-made fancy, savory hors d’oeuvres. These foods cause blood sugar issues resulting in weight gain and they drain your energy. The fancy hors d’oeuvres are usually loaded with salt and fat. They provide zero nutrition for us.
  1. Eliminate all chemical sweeteners (including aspartame and all diet sodas). Chemical sweeteners can be toxic, and can trick your body into producing excess insulin, which is harmful. All soft drinks, diet or otherwise, are highly acidic which is harmful for us.
  1. Need sweetness? Use small amounts of natural sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol, dates, maple syrup or unpasteurized honey. Try eating fresh fruits that are naturally sweet (berries, oranges, apples, etc.) to replace refined sugary snacks and baked goods. Keep in mind that ALL sweeteners, no matter what they are, should be used in limited quantities.
  1. When consuming alcoholic beverages – alternate drinking 1 alcoholic beverage with 1 full glass of water for the duration of the social event you are at. This will increase your water intake, and reduce the alcohol at the same time. Benefits include safer driving, clearer thinking and reducing blood sugar issues.

Using the above 6 Step Plan will definitely help you to avoid the dreaded ‘after Christmas hangover’! I know this from personal experience! Since my own personal priority is to stay healthy through all occasions and seasons, I successfully use this plan all year long.

But, no worries! If you get snaffled by a few too many fancy foods, or beverages, or get off track – the effects of a ‘Christmas hangover’ can be reversed! Don’t guilt yourself over it because that won’t help! We’ve all been there! And it is best to AVOID the temptation to register for the latest fad diet program, because that will only work for a short time, then the results disappear and you will be back where you started.

So what’s the solution, you ask? Contact me, and we can work together to make small, sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle that will work for you! Together we will get you going in the right direction, and you’ll be able to maintain your awesome health through all seasons!


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