Balance the ‘FOOD’ in Your Life


‘FOOD’ is more than just the food you eat!

There are 2 types of FOOD in your life: Primary Food and Secondary Food


1. Primary Food

  • Is the Circle of Life.  It contains everything that keeps you healthy, happy, balanced, and loving life! It keeps you ‘singing your song’ every day!  (image © Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • It needs to be balanced for you to live a healthy, happy life.
  • These are some of the elements that fit together in your Circle of Life:
    • Love and Relationships
    • Spiritual connection
    • Career
    • Finances
    • Education
    • Home cooking
    • Home environment
    • Creativity
    • Health
    • Joy
    • Social connection
    • Physical activity
  • The balance within your Primary Food / Circle of Life can be a greater influence in your life than your Secondary Food (the food you eat)
  • Primary Food can affect and / or over-ride Secondary Food (the food you eat), either in a positive way or a negative way
Balance the FOOD in your life!

Circle of Life © Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Used with permission.


2.  Secondary Food

  • Is the actual food you consume on a daily basis
  • Is a strong element in your life that dove-tails into your Primary Food / Circle of Life
  • Needs to be balanced
  • Sometimes has less influence in your life than our Primary Food / Circle of Life
  • Can be affected and/or dominated by Primary Food, either in a positive way or a negative way.


Primary & Secondary Food

Primary and Secondary Food Plate












Primary Food can influence / over-ride Secondary Food!

Primary Food is the bigger picture, the large ‘Circle of Life’ that encompasses many elements that have a strong influence in your life. A few prominent examples of these elements are love and relationships, physical activity, career and finances, and spiritual connection.

In order for you to live a happy and healthy life your Primary Food / Circle of Life needs to be balanced. When your Primary Food / Circle of Life is not balanced, the imbalance (whether negative or positive) can influence and/or over-ride your Secondary Food (food you eat) and any other elements that make up your Circle of Life.


Let’s look at two good examples that clearly demonstrate this, one positive and one on the negative side:

  1. You meet someone special and fall head-over-heels in love! You feel as though we are walking ‘on air’! The world and your life are suddenly absolutely perfect! The happiness you feel is amazing! You don’t worry so much about which foods you eat or when you eat, and amazingly enough – you have so much mental clarity and physical energy! The happiness, joy, love and strong relationship you are experiencing have caused your Primary Food to take over, affecting your Secondary Food (the food you eat) in a positive way.
  1. You are suddenly bereaved by the loss of a close loved one or the loss of a cherished relationship. This loss has been devastating, has thrown you into a negative downward spiral, and you are having a hard time getting back on track. You are feeling sad or angry or lost and feel stuck, unable to move forward. You lose track of your previous healthy eating habits, and you lose social connection with others because you have become withdrawn – your overall health starts to suffer.   The emotional pain you are feeling has caused your Primary Food to take over, affecting your Secondary Food in a negative way.



Primary Food balance is so important!

In both examples above – it is necessary to find ways to bring your Primary Food back into balance so that a healthy, happy life can be maintained. Hopefully both situations would be temporary and short-lived. If the Primary Food / Circle of Life stays out of balance for a long period of time, your overall mental and/or physical health will start to deteriorate.


My Health Coaching Philosophy is unique and effective!

  • Bio-individuality
    • No two people are alike – we are like the snowflakes, totally unique!
    • Something that works for one person and helps them to be happy and to thrive could be very damaging to another person.
    • It’s all about learning what it is that makes each of us healthy and happy. .
    • Within the principles of nutrition and healthy living, the right answer is finding what works for YOU!
  • Primary Food and Secondary Food – a unique Health Coaching concept! These are two kinds of FOOD that work together to keep you healthy, happy, balanced and loving life! (read more information above)
  • I am confident that I can help YOU live a happy and healthy lifestyle and reach your unique health goals!  I know from my own personal experience and from my work with clients, that this philosophy WORKS!
  • I DO NOT believe in GUILT!  We are all unique! It’s all about learning! Learning what it is that makes each of us healthy and happy. There are principles of nutrition and healthy living, but the right answer is finding what works for YOU!


Balance the ‘FOOD’ in your life and build a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

In The Sugar Switch™ System the goal is to start working with the Secondary Food in your life, the food that you eat on a daily basis.  This needs to be done first in order to balance your blood sugar and reverse the condition of pre- diabetes, ultimately moving you steadily away from type 2 diabetes.

When your healthy dietary lifestyle is supporting you and you are  thriving, your Primary Food, the elements of your Circle of Life, will be influenced in a positive way. The Primary Food and Secondary Food are closely connected and influence each other.  As Health Coaching progresses  – we delve more  into your Circle of Life to reach your goals.

Let’s work together…

…for you to reverse pre-diabetes, reach your health goals, balance the Primary and Secondary Food in your life, and build a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

  • Are you ready to receive dedicated personal attention, and take your health to the next level?
  • Are you ready to establish a healthy balance between your Primary Food and Secondary Food?
  • Are you ready to make healthy lifestyle changes that will empower you to reverse pre-diabetes, optimize your weight and build the healthy lifestyle you desire?

Not sure how to move forward confidently on your health journey?

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