Digestion & Blood Type

Within the field of health care and wellness there are many theories about digestion. One theory put forth by Peter D’Adamo is that blood types affect the digestive system and other aspects of our health such as exercise, and how susceptible we are to various diseases.

Each blood type has its own traits, and the genetic qualities are passed from generation to generation.

Our blood is a life force within us and it has the ability to change & adapt in order to help us accommodate changes in our environment.  We can also see the commonality of each blood type in various areas of the world, for example – blood type O is very common among the indigenous populations of Central and South America.

illustration: drop of blood containing various blood types

blood types

Common blood types

Here is a very abbreviated glimpse of some of the traits of each of the common blood types:

“A” – Agrarian: evolved when agriculture began:

  • In general: cultivator, cooperative, sensitive, orderly, settled
  • Strength: tends to adapt well to dietary and environmental changes
  • Weakness: digestive system is sensitive and immune system is vulnerable
  • Some possible health risks: anemia, cancer, heart disease, Type1 diabetes
  • Dietary profile: vegetarianism, classic vegan


“AB” – Modern: the most recently evolved blood type

  • In general: highly sensitive, rare, mysterious, very adaptable
  • Strength: well suited to modern life and can often process information quickly, immune system is rugged
  • Weakness: digestive tract tends to be sensitive
  • Some possible health risks: heart disease, cancer, anemia
  • Dietary profile: mixed diet, in moderation


B” – Balanced

  • In general: flexible, creative, nomad
  • Strength: strong nervous system, strong immune and nervous systems
  • Weakness: tend towards auto-immune breakdowns
  • Some possible health risks: Type 1 diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disorders
  • Dietary profile: omnivore, likely to naturally tolerate dairy


“O” – Old: the oldest blood type

  • In general: hunter, strong, self-reliant, leader, goal oriented
  • Strength: strong immune system, hardy digestive tract, shorter small intestine
  • Weakness: susceptible to wheat and corn allergies, lower tolerance for new diets and new environments
  • Some possible health risks: inflammation, arthritis, low thyroid, blood-clotting disorders
  • Dietary profile: red meat and strong enzymes to digest red meat; high protein, vegetables and fruit

Dr. D’Adamo theorized that if people eat foods that are not right for them – their body creates a certain kind of glue around that food.  This prevents the person from properly digesting the food because it is not beneficial to their body.

It is important to note that how blood type affects digestion is only a theory.  Each person is unique and an individual (‘bio-individuality’).  Therefore, each person would need to evaluate for himself / herself as to whether or not this theory works for them.  Do you need support and information on your journey to optimal health?  Contact me – I can help!


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