The Benefits of Low Glycemic Eating


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Kick the sugar craving!

There are a huge number of health benefits to having a dietary lifestyle consisting of foods with a low glycemic load, generally termed ‘low glycemic eating’.  How do I know what the benefits are?  Personal and powerfully life-changing experience!  Both my husband David and I were able to completely turn our health around by changing to a lifestyle of low glycemic food, high quality cellular nutrition, better exercise and higher water intake.  The benefits are incredibly powerful and I am happy to be able to share them with you!

 8 important benefits of low glycemic eating:

  1. it balances blood sugar – keeping it within the “performance zone” (as athletes often call it), which stops overproduction of the body’s insulin
  2. it totally eliminates blood sugar spikes and the resulting crashes that often lead to binge eating of eating refined carbs and more carb/sugar cravings
  3. it permanently ‘kicks’ carb / sugar cravings = no more desire to buy or eat junk foods (chips, donuts, soft drinks, etc)
  4. it helps to lower blood pressure
  5. it plays a major role in reducing inflammation in the body (often linked with many common chronic illnesses)
  6. increases a person’s overall energy and feeling of wellbeing
  7. reduces and helps to easily maintain body weight – without counting calories or weighing portions of food
  8. it decreases the risk for many chronic health issues, such a diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and digestive disorders – to name a few!  This translates into less cost in health care, prescriptions, hospital stays,  AND less ‘down-time’ from general illness.

In my blog “The Effects of a High Glycemic Lifestyle” I discuss metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance.  Research has shown that in most cases – a change in dietary lifestyle (which includes eating low glycemic foods and whole foods) can reverse metabolic syndrome.  In the case of David and I – that is a true statement!

Let me share with you the chronic health issues David and I were experiencing a couple of years ago.  Both in our mid-fifties at the time, we thought we were eating a healthy (standard North American) diet, yet this is what we were experiencing:

  •  decreased overall energy
  •  high triglycerides – a type of fat in the blood
  •  digestive issues and systemic inflammation (Cathy)
  • blood sugar ‘spiking and crashing’, relentless cravings and extreme fatigue – quite likely pre-diabetes (Cathy)
  •  high blood pressure (David)

We were surprised to learn that our ‘healthy’ diet was very high glycemic and was not as ‘balanced and healthy’ as we thought it was! We had incredibly positive results after about 4 months of transitioning our dietary lifestyle to low glycemic eating, top quality cellular nutrition (supplements), increased body movement (exercise) and increased water intake. 

Our incredible, life changing results, using 8 important medical markers:

  1. Blood pressure:  Dave – now to NORMAL blood pressure and taken off meds (he had been on meds for 5 years).  Cathy – normal (no changes)
  2. Percentage of body fat: Dave – reduced from 43.4% to 27.5%.  Cathy – reduced from 36.4% to 30.1%
  3. Weight reduction: Dave – down 33 lbs.  Cathy – down 22 lbs.
  4. Waist measurement (a metabolic syndrome indicator): reduced by several inches for both of us.
  5. Cholesterol: Dave – reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol, slight increase HDL (good) cholesterol.  Cathy – greatly reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol, slight increase HDL (good) cholesterol
  6. Trigylcerides: greatly reduced for both of us.
  7. Ratio Trigylcerides/HDL: Dave – drastically reduced.  Cathy – greatly reduced
  8. C-Reactive Protein (a marker indicating systemic inflammation): Dave – low level, no changes.  Cathy – initial very HIGH level reduced to very LOW level.

Changes in lifestyle = positive results!

Our new changes in lifestyle show many dramatic and positive results. David and I each had slightly different serious health problems that we were able to totally reverse!  David’s most powerful and notable change was his body’s ability to bring his blood pressure down to normal and maintain a normal level WITHOUT medication – even after being on medication for 5 years!  My biggest and most powerful result?  I was able to completely get rid of systemic inflammation (most likely concentrated in my arteries), which would have led to many problems for me in the future… it was a silent type of inflammation that I had been totally unaware of!.  Both of us have ‘kicked the sugar and carb cravings and that has been very powerful!!  Yes – its safe to say that David and I will stay with a low glycemic lifestyle – most likely for the rest of our lives!

Through my own health experiences and resulting transformation in lifestyle – my life has been forever changed for the better!  These positive changes have made me passionate about helping others achieve permanent good health, and reverse or avoid common chronic illnesses whenever possible – in order to live a healthy, joyful, vibrant life!  That is the whole reason why I became a Health Coach!

Are you experiencing some chronic health issues that you’d like to deal with?  Are you interested in learning how to ‘kick’ the sugar (refined carb) craving, change your dietary lifestyle, increase your energy, lower your blood pressure or reverse metabolic syndrome? Are you ready to take control of your own health?  I’d love to help you! I would walk with you, help you with reliable information, support you and cheer you on! Together we could find YOUR solutions to wellness!  Contact me.

Definitions of  terms used:

Triglycerides – a fat in your bloodstream that is considered to be a major factor in heart disease when elevated – from Healthy for Life by Dr. Ray Strand, page 63

Ratio of Triglycerides / HDL – “the ratio that gives an indirect measurement of blood insulin levels”  – Dr. Ray Strand, Health for Life, page 63

C-Reactive Protein – “one of the most significant findings in the study of insulin resistance is elevated C-reactive protein, which is a measure of the inflammation in our arteries” – Dr. Ray Strand, Healthy for Life, page 91


Informational Resources:

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