The Body’s Acid-Alkaline Balance – Important??

There seems to be more and more information in health care literature these days about our body’s acid-alkaline (pH) balance. This is a relatively recent topic that most of us know very little about, so it could easily be viewed as the next health info ‘fad’. It’s something I’ve been curious about, so I have investigated just how important this acid-alkaline balance really is for us, and how it can affect our health in the long term.

After doing the research, I realized that I must have been affected by too much acidity in my body before I changed my dietary lifestyle  – now I have much more energy and the aching in my joints is virtually gone! This is an abbreviated version of what I found from doing research on the subject.

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Everything we eat and drink, and virtually all situations (mental, physical and emotional) will affect our body’s acid-alkaline balance. Interestingly enough our thoughts, feelings and emotions produce a number of hormone reactions in our bodies, which influence the pH balance.

Too much acidity

Too much acidity in the body produces acid wastes.  If there are excess acid wastes that our body cannot eliminate, they become re-absorbed from the colon into the liver, then go back into circulation and eventually end up being deposited into the tissues.  These toxic acid residues in our tissues can cause many health issues such as joint problems (like arthritis), aching muscles, bone density problems and problems in our organs and glands. Acid forming foods decrease the body’s energy production and leave an acid residue in the urine.  Some of the most common acid forming foods include: fried foods, processed foods, sugary foods, soda drinks, excess consumption of meat, alcohol and liquor.  Note: this is NOT a complete list by any means.

My friend Judy also did some research on acid alkaline balance (Weill Corneill Medical College, Women`s Health Advisor May 2013). Her research corroborates the points noted above, adding more detail.  Judy states that consuming too many acid-producing foods (such as meat and dairy), and not enough alkaline-producing foods (such as most vegetables and legumes), can have negative effects on bone and muscle mass. Further, the residues foods produce in the body make them either acidic or alkaline, not the acidity or alkalinity of the foods themselves. An example is grapefruit: a high-acid food, which produces alkaline residues when it is digested in the body. Thank you, Judy, for these points.

Increase alkaline forming foods

By increasing the amount of alkaline forming foods we consume daily (changing the body’s acid-alkaline balance towards more alkaline), it is entirely possible that we will be able to release the acidic toxins stored in our tissues, thus improving our health. Alkaline forming foods increase the body’s ability to produce energy and leave an alkaline residue in the urine.  The most common alkaline forming foods include: many raw vegetables especially leafy greens, many fruits, some raw nuts, sea vegetables and grains that have been sprouted. Note: This is NOT a complete list.

A state of alkalinity is important

In order to be healthy, our bodies must maintain a state of alkalinity.  Fortunately, our bodies do have an alkaline reserve (primarily sodium bicarbonate ions), but if that reserve becomes completely depleted – we will not be able to live.

The answer to the original question is: Yes – the body’s alkaline-acid balance is very important, and it can affect our health in many ways.  By changing our dietary lifestyle permanently (eating more alkaline forming whole foods and decreasing the acid forming highly processed foods), we will help our bodies to be healthier, more energetic and vibrant in the long term.

Are you wondering if you are maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance in your body?  Do you struggle with which foods to eat to feel your best and to have the most energy?  Do you want to learn more about how to feel better and look better by making simple changes to your dietary lifestyle?  If you answered YES to any of these questions – I can help you find the right answers for YOU!  Contact me today.



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