Celebrate with Healthy & Energizing Sweets!

Sweets are a central component of celebration at special times and certain events each year – such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, Family Reunions. Food is a very enjoyable part of our society’s culture. In reality, sweets are part of each person’s own individual heritage, as well as our society’s culture. If you are anything like most Canadians (pick me!) – you grew up with chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, cinnamon buns, chocolates and lots of baked goods. Our Mothers and Grandmothers had the knack of creating the most wonderful and delicious sweet treats!

3 Healthy & Energizing Sweet Treats

Is it possible to ‘have your cake and eat it too’? I mean – is it possible to have sweet treats that are actually healthy for you and give your body the nutrition it needs, instead of ruining your health? I not only believe it is completely possible, I have proven that it is possible – in my own life over the last several years! It takes commitment to your health, a little knowledge and some creativity. If you are thinking ‘that’s a tall order at this time of year!’ – don’t worry! I have you covered! There’s a gift for you in this blog post! Read on…

Let’s start by exploring both sides of the sweet treats coin – the harmful side and the healthy side.

On the harmful side

The issue with that ‘sweet’ part of our culture is that refined foods and sugar, particularly in large quantities, are very damaging to your health. Research is proving it more and more. It causes blood sugar issues, headaches and brain fog, zaps your energy, and starts relentless cravings for more sugar and junk food. It puts you on that runaway train that leads to diabetes. And that is really bad news because diabetes includes a long list of serious health issues such as heart and circulatory problems, eye issues, kidney failure, nerve issues and amputations, and the list goes on.

Pre-diabetes can be totally stopped and reversed. Most cases of diabetes can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and other elements. That’s what The Sugar Switch™ System is all about! It is an education based system to give up sugar – painlessly…permanently, and build a healthy lifestyle that lasts! No more cravings, blood sugar issues or threat of diabetes! If any of these issues are concerning you,  contact me  for more information.

Now let’s focus on the healthy side of the coin.

How can you have sweet treats, maintain good energy, avoid pre-diabetes and never become diabetic? It is possible, and not too difficult to do! The concept is simple: the sweets you eat need to be nutritionally balanced to keep your blood sugar stable – to keep it from spiking and crashing. This will give you energy and protect your body’s insulin system. Your body will be getting the nutrition it needs, while you enjoy a little bit of sweetness!

Here’s how to do that, in 4 steps:

1. Make all of your own sweet treats, so you have complete control over the ingredients and the nutritional content.

2. Make sure you use small amounts of healthy sweeteners, instead of large quantities of toxic, refined sugars and/or chemical sweeteners.

3. Make sure you have enough fiber and protein in your sweet treats to slow down the digestion of the small quantity of sugar.

4. Make sure the ingredients you use are whole foods that contain real nutrition (such as fiber and protein) that your body can use, instead of using empty foods that are completely void of nutrition. To accomplish this, you can change up some of the ingredients in your favorite recipes to make them nutritionally balanced or you can use new recipes that are already nutritionally balanced.

Rushed for time? Not too keen on searching for new, healthy sweet treat recipes? Not sure exactly how you would adjust your recipes? I get it! I completely understand! And I have the solution!

I have a GIFT for you – a brand new eBook called Healthy and Energizing Sweets! (revised)  You can download it at the bottom of this article, and easily make your own sweet treats for any occasion or any of your events, even for daily snacks, or Christmas social gatherings. I have taken the searching and guess work out of it for you! This is a collection of 13 (a baker’s dozen) sweet treat recipes. I have taken the best sweet recipes from my website’s Recipes section and put them together conveniently in an eBook for you! This eBook is for Members only!

eBook 3d cover image Healthy & Energizing Sweets (rev)

Some important notes about Healthy and Energizing Sweets! (revised)

• These recipes are all gluten free.

• Due to the low sugar content and the use of gluten free flours, you can expect the texture of these treats to be somewhat different than what you are used to.

• These recipes are all diabetic friendly.

• All of these recipes contain enough protein and fiber to slow down the digestion of the sugar.

The recipes contain:

o Healthy sugars, in small quantities – including honey, coconut sugar and xylitol.

o Nutritious, minimally process flours – including chickpea, coconut, almond, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and brown rice.

o An assortment of other ingredients that are loaded with nutrition: nuts, pumpkin, flax seeds, raw cacao (chocolate), hemp seeds,
dates, black beans and rhubarb – to name a few.

Here’s to staying healthy, reversing pre-diabetes and avoiding diabetes – all while enjoying some of the sweetness life has to offer!

Thank you for being part of my Health Coaching Community!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas, and ALL good things in the upcoming New Year! May 2017 be the year all your dreams come true!

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