Light Therapy Plus Good Nutrition Equals Pain Free Health!

Great nutrition from a dietary lifestyle of whole foods is one of the best ways to increase your energy and improve your health.  Add the vibrational energy of Polychromatic Light Therapy (known as PLT or Low Level Light Therapy) to healthy nutrition and the results can be totally amazing – even life changing!

Light Therapy Pads and 2 Port Controller

If you have:

  • low energy
  • circulation problems  – for any reason
  • chronic pain – joint pain, arthritis, soft tissue pain or for any reason
  • peripheral neuropathy – whether diabetic or any other cause
  • skin issues – like acne, rosacea, eczema
  • cognitive issues or brain fog – for any reason, even related to diabetes, pre-diabetes or PTSD
  • high stress that keeps you awake at night

– light therapy can help you! Whole foods nutrition AND PLT work together perfectly for excellent, pain free health.

Light therapy and nutrition – the ‘dynamic duo’

Your body has the innate capability to overcome health issues when given the right environment, and PLT incorporated with whole foods nutrition can facilitate the right conditions. It is a ‘dynamic duo’, a closely linked pair that work together to provide healing energy throughout your body, right into your cells and tissues.

1: Nutritionally dense whole foods (especially vegetables and fruit) give your body the vitamins, minerals and proper nutritional elements that it requires to give you energy and promote healing.  When you consume good, nutrient rich food, your body digests the food – processing and absorbing the nutrients from that food. The nutrients are transferred to the blood and the blood delivers the nutrition to the cells, tissues, organs and all systems throughout your body.

2: Circulation. The only way your cells, tissues, organs and all your body’s systems receive nutrition and oxygen (a vital component) is via the blood that continuously circulates throughout your body (as referenced above). Energy from the PLT/ low level light therapy increases blood circulation throughout your body. Increased circulation means that more of the great nutrition from healthy food is being delivered to all of your cells, tissues and organs. All of your systems gain nutrition and energy and you become healthier as a result. Greater circulation elevates your overall energy and supports your body’s natural healing ability.

nutritionally dense whole foods - veggies

Improved blood circulation has been shown to:

  • reduce pain
  • aid in the body’s natural healing processes
  • reduce inflammation and even help prevent inflammation from forming
  • improve skin issues
  • help stop peripheral neuropathy
  • improve health and efficacy of tissues throughout the body – including muscles
  • improve brain health and cognitive functioning

More about Polychromatic Light Therapy

The word polychromatic means ‘multicolored; 2 or more colors’. PLT from In Light Wellness Systems incorporates the use of 3 different colors: blue light, red light and near infra-red light, in varying combinations. Two or more colors or light used together have been proven to be much more beneficial than one color of light (monochromatic).

Why polychromatic lights?

Wavelengths of multicolored light have unique benefits for the body. Each of these colors of light has a different vibrational frequency and penetrates to a different depth through the skin.

  • Visible blue light has the shallowest penetration depth: 2 to 3 mm below the skin. It helps to promote circulation and healing within the skin and tissue close to the skin (epidermis). Blue light has been commonly used in Neonatal Care Units in hospitals for decades to alleviate jaundice or bilirubin.


  • Visible red light has a deeper penetration depth: 8 to 10 mm below the skin. It helps with circulation and aiding healing within deeper tissues (Dermis), including muscles and organs.


  • Near infrared light has the deepest penetration depth of the 3 colors: 20 to 100 mm below the skin (Subcutaneous Layer). Near infrared energy cannot be seen by the naked eye, and can penetrate right to bone level, which can provide energy, increased circulation and promote healing very deep within the tissues and organs.

Nitric oxide release – pain relief and more!

Near infrared light in PLT, has been found to relieve pain and promote healing within the body by increasing both the nitric oxide and blood circulation.

PLT triggers the body to release nitric oxide, a natural molecule found within the body that is extremely important for healthy arteries. Nitric oxide relaxes the arteries and causes the blood vessels to expand, which increases blood flow. Any time there is increased blood flow throughout the body, all of the cells and tissues benefit by receiving more oxygen and more nutrients. More blood flow also reduces pain.

The increase in nitric oxide production also reduces blood clotting, decreases the growth of plaque, helps regulate blood pressure and fights free radicals.

PLT, nitric oxide and diabetes

Medical research has shown that diabetics typically produce less nitric oxide than people without diabetes. Diabetics are also at risk for serious health issues such as heart and circulatory problems and peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a particular concern because it can lead to amputation.

PLT stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide, increasing circulation and allowing the body to naturally heal peripheral neuropathy.  It relieves discomfort, improves sensation, and aids the body to restore damaged tissue.

Nutrition, PLT and inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by a number of factors, and is considered to be one of the major underlying causes of illness. One of the main sources of inflammation is directly related to the standard North American diet of highly processed foods and sugar. Diabetics and pre-diabetics often suffer from joint pain caused by inflammation.

Highly refined foods and sugar (in many forms) contain absolutely no nutrition, cause toxic residues in the body and cause blood sugar imbalances – a key issue for diabetics and pre-diabetics. This manifests as inflammation in the joints and tissues, and can sometimes become chronic such as systemic inflammation (throughout the entire system).

Choosing to have a consistent dietary lifestyle of nutrient dense whole foods instead of refined (junk) foods and sugar will give the body the right nutrients to heal inflammation and balance blood sugar. It is important to completely eliminate refined foods and sugar, and incorporate balanced nutritional elements consistently every day.

Light therapy can aid in recovering from inflammation by increasing blood circulation and reducing the pain that inflammation can cause. The increased blood flow will give the tissues more nutrients and it will help carry toxins away from the tissues. PLT also increases overall energy, which counteracts the fatigue often felt by diabetics and pre-diabetics.


Whether you have chronic pain, skin issues, inflammation and joint pain or low energy – using light therapy in conjunction with nutritious whole foods can truly energize your health!

Contact me today at (403) 453-4452 or go to Brilliant Light Therapy  to find out how you can benefit from the unique approach of combined polychromatic light therapy and whole foods nutrition.


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