Making a Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar or Chocolates

Making a Raw Cacao Chocolate Bar

Before we get to the recipe itself, let’s talk about some details that are important if you want to have a high quality, as-healthy-as-possible chocolate bar or chocolates.

The best ingredients to use for the very best and healthiest results:

  • Raw organic cacao powder or paste with nothing added to it (NOT genetically modified cacao and not inexpensive cocoa powder)
  • Organic cacao butter (the fat that has been extracted from the raw cacao beans) or raw organic coconut oil (AVOID vegetable oils, soybean oil and trans fats)
  • Raw organic vanilla powder or pure liquid flavorings, if desired.
  • A very moderate amount of natural sweetener such as raw honey or liquid stevia. Stevia is very concentrated. (AVOID chemical artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup {HFCS} or agave syrup which may contain HFCS)

3 DOs and DON’Ts of Raw Chocolate Making:

  • DO: Use a double bowl hot water bath system to gently melt the raw cacao butter without ‘cooking’ it.
  • DON’T: Use high heat or a microwave; and don’t ‘cook’  the cacao butter, or the chocolate.


  • DO: Be sure to have a towel beside your double bowl melting station to wipe water off the outside of the bowl, as water will cause the raw chocolate and cacao butter to separate.
  • DON’T: Get any water in the melted cacao butter – it will cause the raw chocolate to separate (as stated above).


  • DO: Use high quality raw organic ingredients to have the best and most nutritious raw chocolate bar.
  • DON’T: Use cheap inexpensive ingredients that are not healthy. Cheap, poor quality ingredients will make a chocolate bar that less than ideal nutritionally (dairy products, cheap vegetable oils, highly processed ingredients, chemical artificial sweeteners, etc).


Raw Chocolates or Chocolate Bar


Ingredients for a small recipe:

¼ cup raw cacao butter (can be partly raw coconut oil)

3/4 cup sifted raw cacao powder (adjust amount as needed) – sifted to take out any lumps

¼ tsp pure vanilla

1 Tbsp liquid honey, unpasteurized OR a couple of drops of liquid stevia (which is very concentrated)

a few drops of pure flavoring of your choice (lemon, ginger, mint, spearmint, etc)


Ingredients for a large recipe:

1 cup raw cacao butter (can be partly raw coconut oil)

2 ¼ cups sifted raw cacao powder (adjust amount as needed) -sifted to take out any lumps

¼ cup honey, liquid form or a few drops of liquid stevia (which is very concentrated)

½ to ¾ tsp pure vanilla

a few drops of pure flavoring of your choice (lemon, ginger, mint, spearmint, etc)



  • In a medium glass or metal bowl melt cacao butter gently without cooking – use ‘bowl inside bowl hot water bath’ method (DO NOT microwave). This method requires a large bowl with boiling hot water in it and a smaller metal or glass bowl to float on the hot water. The hot water heats the inner bowl. Add the chunks of cacao butter to the inner bowl to melt it.
  • When the melting is complete – be sure to wipe the bottom of the cacao butter bowl so that no water gets into your chocolate mixture (it will cause separation of the ingredients)
  • While the cacao butter is melting – sift raw cacao powder through a fine strainer (it makes a smoother chocolate product). Measure the sifted cacao powder for your recipe.
  • Slowly stir cacao powder into the melted cacao butter, mixing to make a smooth chocolate. Add liquid honey or liquid stevia, vanilla and flavoring – stirring well to get a smooth mixture. Add enough sifted raw cacao powder to make the chocolate the consistency you want it. (NOTE: If the chocolate mixture starts to cool and harden before you are ready to pour it out or pour it into molds, simply place the bowl of chocolate back into the hot water bath until it melts a little bit. Be very careful not to get water in your chocolate!).
  • The chocolate can be poured out onto a cookie sheet to make one or more large bars, or you can pour it into candy molds (easily purchased at Michaels Craft Stores). At this point you can add dried fruit pieces (such as goji berries) or raw cacao nibs on top of your chocolate bar / chocolates. Freeze or refrigerate to harden. When hardened – break the large bar apart into pieces, or pop the chocolates out of the mold. Store finished chocolate in the fridge in a sealed container.
  • Enjoy the best, healthiest dark chocolate ever!


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