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“I took The Flip The Sugar Switch™ OFF Program with Cathy Ormon (now called The Sugar Switch™ ONE Program). My three main goals were to eat better/lose weight, increase my energy, and get into a healthy dietary and daily routine with my family.  Cathy helped me achieve all my goals by providing essential and pertinent information, helping me set goals and make healthier choices and by giving me lots of encouragement!

Crista Costen, , Owner /President of Costen & Associates InsuranceThe biggest tangible change for me has been creating and maintaining a successful daily family dietary routine. This ensures that we are taking time to eat healthy, regular meals – where previously on some days we would skip breakfast, etc.  I believe that maintaining a great routine of healthy eating helped increase my metabolism and lose weight.  Reaching the goal of losing the excess weight was very important and significant for me!  I am down to my pre-baby weight from 5 years ago and I even got to go shopping for some new clothes!!

I would recommend Cathy to anyone looking to make healthier lifestyle choices, lose weight and gain energy.  Cathy is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, warm and encouraging!  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to eating healthier and living better!”

Crista Costen, Owner / President of Costen & Associates Insurance


A note that Cathy received from one of her happy clients:

“Hi Cathy,

I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for all the information you provided me with as my Health Coach. I thought I knew everything there is to know about nutrition but your knowledge on the subject was exceptional. Even though my progress was slow, you were very patient with me and always ensured that I focused on the positives and not the negatives. I have been involved with numerous Weight Loss Programs over the years and you helped me focus on the simple things that I could do each day that would help me get proper nutrition. My focus on self sabatoge is being slowly replaced by choosing simple things that I can do each day to keep myself accountable. I thank you for that and again for being my Coach over the past 6 months.”

 – With thanks, Sandy McLachlan



“I took the Flip the Sugar Switch OFF Program (now called The Sugar Switch™ ONE program) with Cathy Ormon. I found Cathy to be a very encouraging and knowledgeable person. She worked with me on a personal basis, with things that helped me in my own unique lifestyle. One of the biggest changes I have noticed is the way I feel about myself – I now have more confidence!”

“Cathy helped me to lose weight, feel better and be healthier by reinforcing good eating habits. With Cathy’s guidance I have been able to see that exercise benefits my body, my body image and my mental health. Exercise is now an important part of my lifestyle!”

– Judy Beckwith

Zeena Taghvai - Testimonial for Cathy Ormon

Zeena Taghvai, Remax Realty



“I took the Signature Transformation Health Coaching Program from Cathy Ormon. When I started the program my goals were to lose weight, control sugar cravings and prevent diabetes; to increase my energy level; and to incorporate a good sleep routine. Cathy provided me with helpful material, very good guidance and lots of encouragement to reach all my goals. The most tangible benefits I have received are more energy and much better control of my sleep routine, which helps me to do all the things I need to do every day.”

“Cathy has been an excellent source of knowledge about other areas of health such as decreasing inflammation and controlling cravings. She is very passionate about her work and the quality of information she shares with her clients. I would recommend Cathy to anyone wanting help with sugar cravings and their eating habits (controlling the junk food).”

– Zeena Taghvai, RealtorRemax Real Estate (Mountain View)


“I have taken the Flip Your Sugar Switch OFF Health Coaching Program (now called The Sugar Switch™ ONE program) with Cathy.   I had three goals when I started this program: 1) to lose weight, 2) to control sugar cravings, and 3) to prevent diabetes. By providing good materials, good guidance and lots of encouragement Cathy was able to help me reach all of my goals within the three month program!”

“During the program, I noticed lots of changes. Weight loss was the biggest tangible change. Two other very positive and significant changes that are a result of this program are: the change in my overall diet, and the change in my daily food choices.”

“I would describe Cathy as a great guide to a healthy lifestyle and I would recommend Cathy to anyone wanting help with their eating habits! To anyone who is contemplating taking a Health Coaching Program: change is easier than you think!!”

– Glen Lewis


“I have just completed 6 weeks of Health Coaching with Cathy. My top goals included reducing my weight and increasing my energy. With Cathy’s help I was able to successfully reach these goals in just 6 weeks!  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the coaching has been: my waist size has gone down and I’m fitting into my ‘skinny jeans’ again – YAY!  The most significant overall change I have noticed is: my energy level has consistently increased!”

“I would describe Cathy Ormon as a very professional and knowledgeable health coach that truly cares about her clients. She was very prompt with her responses to my questions and provided quality answers. She is always on time to our appointments, the sessions are always filled with great content and I learned a lot from her.  Cathy ALWAYS did what he said she would do and I respect that characteristic the most.”

“I would recommend Cathy Ormon to anyone that wants to quickly learn how to get away from the traditional North American diet that is terrible for your health.  If you want to learn to change your lifestyle, primarily your diet, without feeling like you are on a diet – Cathy is your gal! She never made me feel guilty when I veered away from the program. Cathy is super encouraging, is a natural on video (I received video check-ins from her – super cool!), and she is filled with integrity!”

–  Matthew Brun, Video Marketing Coach

Kerry George 500

Kerry George, CEO Canadian Imperial Business Network



“ I have just completed the Flip Your Sugar Switch OFF Program (now called The Sugar Switch™ ONE program) with Cathy Ormon.  I was able to make great progress in all of my top three goals: to lose weight, to exercise more, and to drink more water. Some of the biggest tangible changes I have noticed are that I am paying more attention to what I eat, I am drinking more water than before and eating less sugar.  The most significant overall change for me has been an increased awareness of my diet and lifestyle.”

“Cathy Ormon is an awesome coach and I would recommend her to everyone! Cathy is caring and patient.  She coaxes and encourages one towards bigger successes.  In this program you will learn a lot about the role that sugar is playing in your diet and how to develop a healthier lifestyle.  I highly recommend Cathy’s program to you!”

Kerry George, CEO of The Canadian Imperial Business Network (CIBN)



Chrysta Lewis

Chrysta Lewis, Owner of Scarlet Edge Beauty



“When I started a Health Coaching Program with Cathy Ormon I had three goals: to lose weight and stop the scale from climbing up, to address emotional eating, and to learn to make good choices. Cathy helped me achieve these goals by addressing what the real issues were and then creating alternatives that were realistic to my lifestyle.”

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed is to really pay attention to what my body needs – whether it’s water, protein, smaller portions, or being aware of foods that didn’t agree with me. Health Coaching created a huge awareness that I will be able to take forward into all situations. The most significant overall change for me was that the scale stopped climbing and I felt better about my choices, therefore, better about myself.”

“Cathy is one of the most positive people I know! I never felt ashamed or guilty to talk about where I was having issues – she was always very supportive and caring. Cathy sent me short videos to touch base mid-week. I really enjoyed them, and they kept me on track and motivated me to create healthy habits.”

“I would recommend Cathy to everyone, especially to those who are looking for lifestyle changes rather than a ‘fad diet’. The concepts she has taught me will last a lifetime!”

– Chrysta Lewis, Owner of Scarlet Edge Esthetics & Nails



“Cathy Ormon is an upbeat, supportive and nonjudgmental Health Coach. During my six month Program she helped me reach my goals by walking with me during the changes I made in eating, and cheered me on as I started to implement those changes and experience positive results. I now have more energy, a healthier weight and a healthier lifestyle!”

“As a result of Health Coaching, I am seeing the positive results of ‘eating clean’ and I really understand the connection between the glycemic impact of food and how I feel. My mental outlook towards food has totally changed for the better!”

“Thanks, Cathy, for all your support!”

– Jayne Forster


“I recently completed the Program “Flip Your Sugar Switch OFF ” (now called The Sugar Switch™ ONE program) with Health Coach Cathy Ormon. When I started the program my goals were: to improve my digestion, to improve healthy eating habits and stop eating at night, to curb cravings, to pay attention to my nutrition with regards to heart health, and have better snack ideas.  Cathy was able to help me work towards all of these goals by giving me excellent information that was directly relevant to what I needed at the time!”

“The most significant overall change I noticed since starting the program has been that I have completely cut down on my sugar eating habits and hardly feel any difficulty with that.  It’s easy to do once you understand what is really going on!”

“Cathy is very competent and confident!  She can relate to our struggles as she has experienced some of her own!  I am very grateful to have found her!  I would recommend Cathy Ormon to anyone looking to improve their health!”

“Cathy really got me back on track with my eating! She was amazingly knowledgeable and responded to my specific questions immediately or if she didn’t quite know the answer, she sent me the information within a day!  How efficient!  I LOVED working with her and plan to talk to her again in a few months to try her other programs!”

– Murielle Clements, Life Coach


“I have been doing Health Coaching with Cathy Ormon to increase my energy level and reduce weight. Cathy has been very helpful in providing information and encouraging me to make healthier choices.  The most significant overall change I have noticed is how aware I have become about my food choices.  Cathy is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and very encouraging.  I would recommend Cathy to anyone who needs or wants to make healthier lifestyle changes.”

– Dr. Lynita Haaranen, Chiropractor

Judy Obee

Judy Obee



“I have just completed 6 months of health coaching sessions with Cathy Ormon. I have surprised myself with what I was capable of changing in myself with help and prodding from Cathy. Cathy was able to recognize that I am an individual, with individual needs and limitations. Cathy advised me at the beginning that her approach was to suggest small achievable changes that would have a positive impact on my health. By the end of the sessions, I was amazed at how many of these small achievable changes were now a permanent part of my lifestyle.”

“Cathy was a real fount of knowledge. She has a lot of resources on various aspects of health and nutrition. She was able to respond in detail to any of my questions or concerns. And she always provided me with documents on topics that related to my specific issues. She is always friendly and encouraging. I looked forward to her hearty congratulations whenever I was able to report a success of whatever form. She also has a high degree of empathy, recognizing that I was under quite a bit of stress. I highly recommend her as a health coach.”

-Judy Obee




“I have recently worked with Cathy Ormon in a Health Coaching Program to achieve three goals: to eat healthy, to lose weight, and to have more energy.  Cathy was able to help me work toward these goals by teaching me about the right foods to eat, including the difference between processed foods and non-processed foods, and what they will do to your body (either help or hinder your body).  The biggest tangible changes I have noticed are how much healthier I have been and how much more energy I have because of eating the right (much healthier) food.  Another significant change is that I have lost a lot of weight. Everyone notices the weight loss and people tell me that I look really good!  Some people don’t even recognize me because of the amount of weight loss!”

“Cathy is a good Health Coach and a very knowledgeable person about the healthiest foods to eat.  I highly recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to eat healthy and lose weight (and a ‘beer belly’).”

– Name withheld by Client request


“I have recently completed a Health Coaching Program with Cathy Ormon. She was able to help me work toward my goals of losing weight, controlling blood sugar and lowering blood pressure by showing me what healthy meals and snacks are. The most significant changes I have noticed are that I have more energy; I actually want to walk (for exercise); I appreciate healthy food more; I want to cook more; and when I have a kitchen full of healthy food I don’t crave the cookies and brownies as much!”

“Cathy is an organized, friendly, knowledgeable person and she gave me lots of materials to read. I would recommend Cathy to any person who wants to change his or her lifestyle and eating habits and wants to do it in a way that is not a “diet”.  If you think that M&Ms are a food group and exercise is something you don’t need to do, talk to Cathy!”

– Eileen Hartman


“My top three goals upon starting Health Coaching were weight loss, better eating / cooking to feel better and more energy.  Cathy was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me restructure what I eat, how I prepare food and to make healthier choices.”

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning a health coaching program with Cathy Ormon is how easy it has been to switch (to whole foods) so that cravings are virtually non-existent. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I feel better after meals – not heavy or bloated, and no indigestion.”

“Cathy Ormon is a very knowledgeable and supportive Coach. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those wanting positive changes in their lifestyle or those with health issues such as obesity, etc. I enjoy my coaching sessions and applying the new information I learn. I look forward to each of my sessions with Cathy!”

– Michael Black


“My top goals upon starting Health Coaching were to lose weight and to learn better ways of eating.  Cathy was able to help me work toward these goals by providing me with very good information about food.  I learned how the food is digested and processed by the body, which really helped me make better choices about which foods to eat.”

“Since beginning the health coaching program I noticed these tangible changes: I gained confidence in choosing healthier food, which gave me the confidence to trust my body and what it needs. As a result I was able to reduce my anti-depressant medication, knowing that I had made a healthy choice in doing that.”

“Cathy is a nice woman who has a lot of personal experience with many types of diets and ways of eating. She has been vegetarian herself in the past, so her knowledge comes from experience not just from books.  I would recommend Cathy to anybody who wants to be guided towards a better way of eating.”

– Helene Fraser


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