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By Cathy Ormon, CHC, AADP

The Sugar Switch™ Expert


The Sugar Switch™ is the hidden powerful key that will enable you to reverse pre-diabetes, shed pounds easily and kick unrelenting sugar cravings permanently. You will increase your energy level, look good and feel great!

Do you

  • have pre-diabetes or blood sugar issues?
  • have excess weight you just can’t seem to eliminate?
  • have sugar or carb cravings that drive you crazy?
  • often have low energy, brain fog, lack of concentration, and mood swings?


If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, you will benefit from reading The Sugar Switch™!


Cathy Ormon, Certified Health Coach and Sugar Switch Expert, has learned, through her own experiences and those of her clients, about something that she calls ‘The Sugar Switch™’ – the ultimate way to control your blood sugar, your weight and your cravings.


By learning how The Sugar Switch™ works, you will be able to:

  • Control your blood sugar and reverse pre-diabetes
  • Avoid chronic health issues, including diabetes
  • Be free of sugar and carb cravings permanently
  • Lose excess weight easily and permanently, so you look good and feel great.
  • Increase your energy, and eliminate brain fog, mood swings, and lack of concentration.


Praise for The Sugar Switch™

from Jasmin Poon, Owner of 360-Business Photos

“I’ve been using the same kind of alternative sugar the last few years, thinking it was a better choice than white sugar. I found out after reading Cathy’s book, the Sugar Switch™, that what I was using wasn’t a much better choice than white refined sugar. When I finally ran out of it, I consulted Cathy’s book again to find out which sweetener type was the better choice to use for our health. The choices were listed as to the benefits of each kind and now we have a much healthier sugar alternative that was easily bought at a local health food store. Thanks for the great information in your book, Cathy.”


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