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On a recent road trip through British Columbia, my husband Dave and I stopped in Salmon Arm BC, and we were looking for place to have dinner. I happened to read about a restaurant called Table 24. The short write-up said that this restaurant serves healthy, locally produced food and their kitchen does not have a microwave oven or a deep fryer. Really?? This is very unusual for a restaurant and it totally caught my attention! Anyone who knows me well also knows that I am absolutely NOT a fan of either microwave ovens or deep fried foods (of any description)! I feel that both are harmful to our health. As Dave said – this restaurant was right up my alley! Off we went to Table 24.

The food was fabulous! The restaurant’s atmosphere was very nice, the service was excellent and the staff were all very friendly! Their menu was quite varied, and they were more than willing to accommodate any food requirements or preferences. I have a healthy, gluten free dietary lifestyle and their menu had many choices that were marked gluten free – so this was not even an issue! They were also willing to make substitutions for personal preferences, such as change the potatoes for a fresh tossed salad.

Upon talking to the staff, I learned that their fruits and vegetables are top quality, sourced locally from growers in the area and all their meats are organic. Their chef and kitchen staff cook everything from scratch, so it is piping hot and fresh for their customers to enjoy. They informed us how long our dinner would take the chef to prepare, and told us why it would take that amount of time. In essence, they were inviting us to sit back, enjoy our wine and relax.

I would highly recommend Table 24 for anyone who is in the Salmon Arm BC vicinity. We would suggest their Seafood Risotto, and their Chicken Cordon Bleu. We don’t have any recommendations on appetizers or dessert because we simply did not order any of those (their dinner portions are very generous!).


Table 24 at the Podollan Inn


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